Zouk Out 2018 —

Raising the Benchmark with Asia’s Largest Dance Music Festival

We were tasked with designing and developing an engaging and interactive website for ZoukOut 2018. An annual dance music festival held in Singapore since 2000, it is also one of Asia’s largest dance festivals.

Due to the nature of such events, the design and development of festival websites seem somewhat lackluster. Flag&Mountains decided to push the boundaries and raise the benchmark.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to design and develop an engaging website—by translating a physical experience onto a digital platform—to market the event and generate ticket sales from a global audience.

This also includes our leveraging of the brand’s awesome media and content to offer a discoverable experience online for local and international attendees.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Web Results —

6.45% ↑

above the average monthly sessions

16.92% ↑

above the average monthly new user acquisition


conversions in 3 months

*Results are benchmarked with Global Concerts & Music Festival websites on Google Analytics

Business Results —

100% ↑

increase in sales growth

100% ↑

increase in enquiries, leads and opportunity growth


increase in awareness & presence

*Results provided by client based on business operations comparison

Experience the Physical, Digitally

Flag&Mountains focused on offering online visitors and users a taste of the festival experience through engaging and interactive elements.

Leveraging on existing media content, we enhanced the digital experience to encourage conversions and discovery.

Fig. 1.1. Festival Info

Fig. 1.2. Key interest elevated based on user behaviour

“Flag&Mountains demonstrated a keen understanding of the vision of what we wanted the ZoukOut website to represent and were able to translate that vision in a timely and creative manner to produce an engaging site. The team were also solutions focused which allowed us to work hand in hand to solve various existing technical challenges.”

—Jason Kong, Marketing Manager, Zouk Club

A Journey of Discovery

We offered an element of discovery to allow visitors to explore the Artist Lineup, accompanied with the respective Spotify playlists and Artist information.

Ticket types and pricing are detailed out on the website itself, and integrated to the client’s independent booking system.

On Demand Support from Start to Finish

Due to the fast-paced nature of the event, our team was made available through the months leading up to the event, and supported rapid design changes, integration and content uploads to the website.

Increasing Credibility & Conversions

A ‘Looking Back’ section was proposed and developed to host past events after movies, with the objective of increasing the credibility of ZoukOut and conversions.

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