Challenging the Status Quo, Nurturing Growth & Making a Difference

As a human-centered and experience focused design firm that is on a mission to innovate and grow businesses, we believe in delivering great human-centric experiences through the exploration of: Curiosity, Empathy, Appeal and Interaction. Our team consists of Artist & Designers, Engineers & Hackers, Strategists & Writers, Thinkers & Doers.

Below is an excerpt from our Team Work Culture Principles.

# 01.

We are Thinkers & Doers


You’re Not Here by Accident

When you’ve been accepted into the flag&mountains family, there’s no need to prove yourself or worry about ‘fitting in’. You’re here. You made it. You get it. Let your work do the convincing.


Everyone is a Leader

This is a busy place, and you’ll often be on your own to figure things out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t rely on others to hold your hand as well.

You may be tempted to say something such as, “It would be nice if someone would _____.” In here, you are that someone. If you want update, change or something to be fixed, go for it. Seriously. Every awesome thing you see is like that because someone like you decided to do it.


You’re More than Your Title

Being a leader may feel unnatural at first, but we expect to step up and own the part of the project. It is kind of like playing basketball; When someone passes the ball to you, you’re in charge of what to do with it next.



You’re given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy. That goes for everyone—from interns on up. It’s up to you to figure out how to approach a problem. We know that sounds awesome, but here’s the rub: With freedom comes a ton of ownership and responsibility.


We Aren’t Big on Hierarchy

The whole process is just a waste of time and it prevents people from building things quickly.

You have mentors and collaborators, not commanders. In other words, you may have a boss, but you’ll never get bossed around.

And we all make things here. If you’ve come to climb a ladder, you’re in the wrong place. Those who show up and tell other people what to do, don’t usually last long.


You Control Your Work

Life is easy when someone is telling you what to do. It’s also boring, and it prevents you from being invested in what you’re doing. Since you control your destiny here, you’ll likely be more emotional about your work. We believe that’s better than the alternative. Can you imagine coming to work each day and not caring. Neither can we.

# 02.



We are All Humans

We act like humans, we talk like humans, and we think like humans. We call out anyone who does the opposite.


We Craft Experiences for People, Not Ourselves

In order for us to create something for human use, the logic and thinking behind the work has to be human as well. It is the only way to ensure that the user experience is on point.


We Do Not Talk like Robots

We are not big on super serious internal communication either (apart from the basic respect and courtesy). Pretend like you’re talking to your mom. Don’t be afraid to ask. And, try to get on the same page.

# 03.

Take Care of Each Other


Take Good Care of Your Team

When you take care of your team, your team will take care of you. Not only does this help spiritually and emotionally, it also boosts work productivity and ensures that works are done without anyone losing any hair.


Work With, Not Against, Each Other

Everyone in the team should have each other’s back. When you take over a teammate’s work when they’re unavailable, rest assured your work will be covered when your turn comes (psst.. they owed you). The stronger the team dynamics, the greater the standard of work produced.


Our Clients are Part of the Team

We should always work with our clients, not for them and definitely not against them. They need us and we need them, it is an ecosystem. The happier the client, the easier your days become. Simple.

# 04.



Learn From Each Other

You’re surrounded by smart people from every discipline. Talk to them, learn from them. You’ll be surprised how a casual topic about the weather can turn into a deep discussion about the possibility of sustaining life on Mars through code.


Play is Important. Get Out There.

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And, dull is the worst you can be, considering us being at the forefront of the creative industry. We don’t need office zombies in here. We need fun, creative and expressive individuals.


Go Crazy on Ideas

We have enough space in the office for you to ideate on the walls, floor, tables, chairs, pockets, notepads, drawers, wherever. Let your ideas flow. Then, tell someone about it. Collaborate and make your ideas grow.

# 05.

Produce Amazing Work


Show, Don’t Tell

Let your work speaks for themselves. More often than not, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be talking to every single person who comes into contact with your work. A work well-executed is universal. Let it speak for itself.


We are Professionals

Professional means handling your business with respect and dignity, without being so buttoned-up that you stop being yourself. You can be a clown, but be a professional clown.


Show Up & Have Fun

Collaborate, make internal projects, throw up ideas, meet-up, tinker, experiment, etc. Above all else, remember to show up and enjoy what you’re doing.

# 06.

Speak Up


Be Respectful, But Don’t be Delicate

We do not believe in negativity and having an opinion without substantial reasoning. Get your words and ideas across through rationale and convincing.  Try “Yes, and..” instead of “No, but..”. But most importantly, speak up.


Everyone is Creative

Creativity is a quality, not a title. So don’t ever say “I’m not creative enough”. Else, we will make sure to help find the creativity inside you and drag it out, kicking and screaming.


Do Not be Afraid of Change

We change. Nothing is sacred. From our habits, to our rituals, to our environment, to our ideas. Change is a natural part of human life and we prefer to embrace it. Do not be afraid of change.

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