Zouk Club —

From a Local Historic Warehouse to Global Superclub

Since it opened its doors, Zouk has delivered an innovative and progressive clubbing environment, introducing Singapore to the world’s freshest dance music. As the pioneer clubbing institution in Singapore, Zouk was the first club to introduce House music, bravely steering away from the popular trend of Top 40s and retro playlists, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the industry.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to work on the digital revamp and mobile responsiveness of its website for one of Singapore’s pioneer dance club, Zouk Club.

We have introduced a few customised features such as events calendar, online e-shop, membership catalogue, and historical story-telling carousel, to effectively bridge the client’s communicative objective to it’s target audience.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Results —

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Clear & Concise Membership Rewards Catalogue

By illustrating the rewards benefits for members clearly and concisely on the website, it helps to reduce the friction between the company and their users which in turn, induces a higher level of trust for Zouk Club with their members.

Rewards catalogue is also filtered according to their respective categories to allow members an easier time to identify and check out the ideal rewards that they’re looking for.

Events Calendar that Provides Monthly Schedule Overview

As a club with frequent recurring events in their schedule, it is vital for their customers to quickly glance and identify the club’s monthly schedule so as to facilitate plans-making.

The custom calendar marks the events and the number of days it spans across the month clearly, and allows for users to click into the event that they are interested in to learn more about details and information of the day.

Page by Page Legacy Story-Telling of Club’s History

As a club with a legacy, Zouk Club is proud to share their historical achievement as the pioneer of dance club in Singapore with its users.

Not only does this provides fun facts and interesting knowledge to their users, it also helps to position the club as a key player in the industry, which greatly elevates the club’s brand positioning with its customers.

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