shopFarEast —

Innovative Re-Design of shopFarEast Loyalty Mobile Application

shopFarEast is the Loyalty Program for Far East Malls under Far East Organisation, aimed at driving shopper acquisition and engagement. Spanning across 17 retail malls in Singapore, it includes features such as Rewards, Deals, Loyalty Points Earnings, Referral Programs and much more!

Objective —

The objective of this project was to revamp the Mobile Application and Content Management system of the Loyalty Program. 

Our focus was in updating the User Interface and User Experience of the system into a modern, intuitive and marketing-centric design, as well as ensuring key integration points are accounted for with external systems such as the CRM Provider and other digital platforms.

Project Type —

Mobile App Design & Development

Web Application Design & Development

Systems Integration (SI)

Results —

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Fig. 1. Before and After comparison of the shopFarEast Mobile App

Revamped User Interface and User Experience Design

Overhaul of the application design to deliver an intuitive and seamless shopper and management experience to the program.

Fig. 3. Content Management System for shopFarEast

Custom-built Integrated Content Management System

A Content Management System was designed and developed to provide the client with control over the app’s configuration and content allowing for a self-serve capability.

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