Paya Lebar Quarter —

Experience Physical Spaces of a City Precinct Online

Paya Lebar Quarter is a multi-asset, real estate development that is focused on targeting multiple user types / audience through best practices.

Flag&Mountains was able to elevate PLQ’s multi-asset branding onto the digital platform and achieved a strong SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimisation) against a strong market / industry competition.

Objective —

The main goal of this project was to develop a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing website, that houses 5 distinct assets of Paya Lebar Quarter, through the implementation of intuitive and user-friendly UI (User Interface).

Other objectives of the project include—the ability to target an array of audiences, rising above the standard of real estate development websites, and generating content to elevate PLQ’s brand positioning in the community.

Project Type —

UX/UI Design

Systems Integrator

Website Design

Website Development


836.5% ↑

above the average monthly sessions

973.81% ↑

above the average monthly new user acquisition

18.8% ↓

below the average monthly bounce rate


percentage of SEO keywords that have ranked on 1st page
(the rest are on 2nd page)

*Results are benchmarked with SG real estate websites on Google Analytics

Digital Brand Permutations Done Right

Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) Corporate Identity consisted of a cohesive Brand Style, with permutations based on each Asset Class (Retail, Workplace etc.).

In order to differentiate the various assets on a single website, we implemented a custom styling logic to each page, depending on the page’s Asset Class. This resulted in each Asset Page having its unique identity, but still withholding the main brand’s cohesive efforts.

Best Practices in UI/UX

With the challenge of housing a large suite of content, Flag&Mountains applied the best UI/UX practices to ensure a consistent content framework, legibility and mobile responsiveness.

An example is the use of a Card Swiper system, which allowed information to be displayed horizontally on a mobile device, reducing the need to scroll to access information.

Modular Component-Based Design Approach

By incorporating a modular-based design approach, we are able to work efficiently and provide quick reiterations and prototypes for our clients.

This increases the efficiency of both teams and leads to a faster time-to-market.

Full Custom Experience for PLQ

Either by leveraging on existing frameworks, or by custom-building a solution, we are able to design a product that will solve our client’s business challenges and achieve their objectives.

“I am excited to see the completion of the project and how the design language and the colour palette for the facade, interior and landscape design will come together.”

—Suneeth Changaroth, Director, DP Architects

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