Parable Studio β€”

Sculpting Human-centric Strategy, Space and Visuals into Distinctive Experiences

Parable is an award-winning concept and design studio pushing the boundaries of trans-disciplinary work in hospitality and lifestyle.

Objective β€”

Flag&Mountains was tasked to design and develop a digital experience for the award-winning studio that would elevate their brand presence to another level.

By working closely with the various stakeholders and understanding more about the company, we were able to identify the objectives and intentions of the website revamp. The process resulted in a beautifully crafted digital platform that satisfy both our creative standards, as well as our client’s objectives.

Project Type β€”

Website Design

Website Development

Results β€”

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Captivating Audience through Full-screen Visuals

For the design and development of Parable website, we wanted to push the boundaries of what a content-heavy website could look like.

With lifestyle visuals in mind, we were able to offer an engagingly beautiful, and informative experience for our client’s customers.

Engaging Interaction with Functionality

By experimenting with UI and interaction design, Flag&Mountains was able to seamlessly integrate beautiful form with vital functionality for the Parable website.

Attention put into tiny details, such as the transformation of drawer icon into an X icon, as well as, the dimming of background in order to draw focus onto the focal point, allow the website to look fun while serving its ulterior purpose of a good user experience design.

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