Odette —

Gallery-worthy Showcase of Michelin Quality Fine Dining and Art

Housed in the National Gallery Singapore, Odette is a timeless French Contemporary fine dining destination helmed by Chef Julien Royer and inspired by his grandmother, Odette.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to effectively translate the delicate beauty of the interior design, as well as the intangible aspect of exquisite taste of Odette, onto a digital marketing website for the restaurant.

It also encompass the essentials of a restaurant marketing website such as introduction of the restaurant, introduction of the team, direction to restaurant and reservation booking functionality.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Results —

174.96% ↑

monthly increase in web users

187.65% ↑

monthly increase in web sessions

184.33% ↑

monthly increase in web page views

Fig. 1. Homepage of Website

Bringing the Restaurant to Life Online

One of the challenges of this website development project was for our team to bring the restaurant to life, online. We used huge, breath-taking images of the restaurant’s interior design and decor, to captivate the website audience, in a manner where it feels like the audience are there at the restaurant in person.

Fig. 1.1. Interior Design Section

Fig. 1.2. Restaurant’s Accolades Displayed on Homepage

Beautiful Integration of Food & Art

To entice audience with what Chef Julien has to offer in his award-winning menu, we also incorporated hi-resolution images of the well-plated food dishes in different sections of the website.

Beautiful corporate identity and artwork by Dawn Ang also hones it’s own section to allow the audience to understand a little better about the designer / artist behind the whole aesthetics of Odette.

Fig. 2. Using Images to Convey Direction

Fig. 2.1. Inspiration Section

Fig. 2.2. Art Section

“A heartfelt “thank you” to the craftsmen, the designers and the dreamers who continue to make our vision a reality.”

—Chef Julien Royer, Chef-Owner, Odette

Fig. 3. Showcase of the Team that made the Brand Possible

Humanizing the Brand

The Odette team is big on giving credit and thanks to all the people who have helped them along the way. We translated that human side of the brand by showcasing names and photographs of these individuals in various parts of the website.

Fig. 3.1. Being Human means Giving Credits

Fig. 3.2. The Founder & his Accolades

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