Morph Performance —

Fusing the Art of Sports Science and Technology

Morph Performance is a sports science and technology company that provides testing services and online training solutions to endurance athletes Worldwide. Their training system is backed by scientific data from Lab Testing and integrates data from wearable devices to allow athletes to improve their quality of training and in turn improve their performance without adding more stress to their bodies

Objective —

The main objective of this project was to create a cohesive corporate identity that applies consistently on all touch points of the brand which includes collateral design, website, and mobile application.

Seamless integration of the website and mobile application is also key in this project as it allow users to login to their subscription account via both platform to access shared information. The mobile app also integrates data from wearable devices (eg. Garmin, Suunto) to track training performance of athletes.

Project Type —

Corporate Identity

Collateral Design

Website Design

Website Development

Mobile App Design

UX/UI Design

Results —

130.17% ↑

monthly increase in web users

43.91% ↑

monthly increase in web session duration

40.98% ↓

monthly decrease in website bounce rate

Fig. 1. Brand Stationery Design

Creating a Brand that Instils Trust in Consumers

Through the combination of a slightly tilted logotype to represent motion, and the fundamental of science (atom) as a symbol, our team crafted a unique identity for Morph Performance. The identity translates the very idea of the brand itself—sports and science, while serving as a dual functional logotype and logo mark when deployed in different situation.

Morph Performance is also branded with visual elements such as the champion stripes in MP’s brand colour. This element can be found on collateral and jerseys as a constant reminder of the athleticism of the brand.

Fig. 1.1. Construction of Selected Logo

Fig. 1.2. Rationale of Logo Lockup

Guarding the Brand to Ensure Brand Consistency

Every aspect of the Morph Performance brand is guarded by the 45-page brand guideline that our team developed for the client. Inside the guideline, client (or, future designers) will have an in-depth and thorough understanding of the brand assets, and how to visually portray the brand in the best light.

This includes brand values, brand personality, brand tone, logo usage, graphic device, colour palette, typography, iconography, photography style, etc. Once a branding project is completed, our team is usually tasked with the scope of a brand guardian to ensure that the integrity of the brand remains intact for as long as it lives.

Fig. 2. Training kit & Jersey design

Fig. 2.1. Jersey design with Morph’s champion stripes on left arm

Fig. 2.2. Proposed Brand Guide for team photography

Fig. 3. MP Website & Training App

Funnelling Leads through Web Conversion Form

Morph Performance brand architect is departmentalised into 3 main categories (Catalyst, Laboratory, and Reactor) for clarity, purpose, and lastly, to ensure that the categories do not cross over one another.

This is translated equally well on the website, where potential customers can be informed and understand the purpose of the brand. The flow of the website is also intentionally crafted to easily facilitate potential customers in the registration of their interest in the product through a simple web form where the client would be notified.

Fig. 3.1. Iconography Guide to ensure Brand consistency

Fig. 3.2. Departmentalization of the Brand

“A sports science and tech company that provides lab testing and online training solutions through Reactor, our mobile training app, to endurance athletes worldwide.”

—Jon Fong, Founder, Morph Performance

Essential Outdoor Training Mobile Application

Both the mobile app and website functions as portal for customers to retrieve data and information of their training program and training results.

The mobile app double up as a social platform that links up Morph Performance customers into an online ecosystem where they can share daily training performances, comments, suggestions and encouragements amongst one another.

Fig. 4. Reactor: Morph Performance’s Training App

Fig. 4.1. Showcasing all aspects of Triathlon 

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