Grain Traders —

Inspired Meals that Aim to Nourish People through Cultural Music, Design & Art

Grain Traders is a good food company ran by Culinary Director, Chef Gisela, that believes in nourishing people beyond meals. They serve inspired and consciously-prepared meals, ready for enjoyment. Building engaging environments where food meets design, music and art.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to design and develop a distinctive marketing website for Grain Traders that would cater to audiences from multiple regions.

Our focus was to create an engaging portal that will visually entice the target audience through smooth and subtle animation of beautiful marketing images and graphic elements. By integrating with existing food delivery system, we are also able to offer a cost efficient solution while retaining our client’s brand integrity.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Food Delivery System Integration

Multi-Regional Website

Results —

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Fig. 1. Country Selector page

Creating a Holistic User Experience through the Use of Technology

To create a smooth user experience for our target audience, our website is implemented with a region detector that would detect the users and the region that they’re browsing the website from. If the user is located in one of our 2 preset regions (Singapore / United States), they will be directed to the respective version of the website built specifically for the region. This helps to remove an additional step on the website, which in turn, contributes to a better user journey.

If the user belongs to neither of the two preset regions, they will be greeted with a visually-appealing country selector page (Fig. 1) on the Grain Traders website. User can then decide which version of the website they’d like to view. Not only does this offers a choice to the user, they would also be informed of the brand’s regional presence.

Instant Info at the Touch of a Button

To present users with the clearest and most relevant information of the menu, our team developed an interactive menu (Fig. 2) that allows them to filter the Grain Traders menu based on their preferences. This creates an interesting and engaging experience for the users, while satisfying the instant-gratification seeking nature of web users these days.

This highly thoughtful system allows user to filter their menu based on both meal types (meals, a la carte, drinks, etc), as well as cautionary ingredient types (contain nuts, dairy-free, gluten-free, spicy, vegan, vegetarian, etc).

Fig. 2. Interactive Menu page

Fig. 3. Grain Traders’ Story page

Unfold & Discover the Brand Story at its Best

A strong brand requires itself to be presented in the best light possible. Our team designed and developed the Grain Traders story page (Fig. 3) by detailing it with large, beautiful images that are coupled with smooth and subtle web animation. This allows the brand story to be unfold and discovered by the users as they scroll down the webpage.

From the understanding of the brand story, all the way to the recognition of the ingredients, people, intention, and inspiration of the company, we’ve helped the brand translates its brand mission of engaging people through music, design & art.

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