Esora —

From Nature to the Dining Table, Online

Set in a heritage shophouse on Mohamed Sultan Road, Esora is a kappo-style fine dining restaurant helmed by Chef Shigeru Koizumi. It is a place that epitomises Chef Koizumi’s affinity with nature & attention to detail, to create a heartfelt dining experience that resonates beyond the dining table.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to effectively showcase the charm of the Esora brand onto a digital marketing website that is reflective of the brand’s clean and well-designed direction.

It also encompass the essentials of a restaurant marketing website such as introduction of the restaurant, experience of the brand, chef’s biography, as well as a direct contact to the restaurant.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Results —

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Elegant Presentation through Scroll Animation

We are able to successfully translate the client’s brand identity onto a digital platform by keeping the key brand assets, such as photography, colours, typefaces, and visual styles, consistent.

By introducing subtle fade in scroll animation into the presentation of Esora’s content, we were able to translate the brand’s elegant direction to online audiences who are browsing on their digital devices.

Modular Design that Caters to All Digital Devices

We understand that in this modern digital era, more people are browsing content right off their digital devices, such as tablets and mobile phone, wherever they are. This is why a mobile responsive web design is so crucial to us with our deliverable. Not only do we want to create a beautiful web presence for our clients, we also want them to see the results and to successfully translate their brand across to their audience.

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