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DDIY is a trusted home concierge management system that combines technology with home managers to provide and manage a suite of in-home services and deliver retail products and experiences right into your home. From grocery shopping to housekeeping to house party planning, DDIY completes your to-do lists so that you can spend more time living life.

Objective —

Flag&Mountains was appointed to design and develop a seamless brand experience and customer journey for DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself).

Our focus was to alleviate the existing public impression and opinion of DDIY through through consistency of tonality and visual expression across our communications. Having a consistent brand expression is important for raising awareness and building equity for the DDIY brand.

Project Type —

Corporate Identity

Brand Consultancy

Collateral Design

Customer Experience Design

Results —

100% ↑

Sales Growth

100% ↑

Enquiries, Leads & Opportunity Growth

300% ↑

Market & Brand Impression

300% ↑

Awareness & Presence via Press, Social Media, Search

Fig. 1. Original Logo to New Logo comparison

Then & Now

By analysing the original branding efforts, we are able to better understand the previous intention and efforts, where it is falling short and identify key areas of improvement.

In this case, we discussed and understood the intention of the original branding efforts, and advised we moved away from a literal logo representation, towards a modern and forward looking Logotype paired with a Pictorial Mark.

Fig. 1.1. Colour Palette

Fig. 1.2. Typography Set & Usage

Developing the Brand Strategy

Our belief is that for Branding, it needs to be more than just the aesthetics. We go through meticulous rounds of interviews and ‘tried & tested’ processes with our clients to develop the Brand Strategy.

Through this exercise, together we are able to pen down and determine the Brand’s Tone of Voice, Unique Traits, Market Competition and Target Audience amongst other strategies.

These processes provides a more concrete foundation to develop and design the brand’s aesthetic components.

Fig. 2. Brand Research – Unique Traits & Positioning

Fig. 2.1 Target Audience A

Fig. 2.2 Target Audience B

Fig. 2.3 Tone of Voice Positioning

“Very impressed by their professionalism – FAM adopts an effective way of understanding our needs and business model. The team was thorough in their research and meticulous in their methods, ultimately crafting a brand that accurately reflects our vision and mission.”

—Jeanette Wu, Director, DDIY Solutions Pte. Ltd.

The Identity

It features a stylized image of the 2 letter “D”, interlocking together, a symbol of seamless integration. It also translates into the linkage of being efficient in every respect of empowerment and service excellence, and the ability to optimize and harmonize all facets of human and technological performance.

  • Color Palette and Typography sets were developed based on the Brand Strategy to further emphasise the core values of DDIY.
  • Custom Illustrations were developed with a unique style that adds a touch of finesse and elegance to the collaterals. The illustrations are inspired by casual, daily scenarios that are meant to juxtapose with the elegant photographs of home interior.

Fig. 3. Flatlay of Stationary Set

Fig. 3.1. Namecard Design

Fig. 3.2. Brochure Design

Fig. 3.3. Illustration Set

Fig. 3.4. Totebag 

Fig. 3.5. Uniform

Fig. 3.6. Membership Card

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