Clink Clink —

An Online Sommelier that Takes Your Guesswork Out of Choosing Wine

Clink Clink is a sommelier-led online bottle shop on a mission to find the best wines at every price and get them into the hands of fellow wine drinkers. Tapping into over 15 years of the group’s supplier and producer relationships, Clink Clink finds the best versions of every type of wine for every pocket, where no bottle is priced above $150.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to create an impressive online brand presence for Clink Clink as a go-to store for online wine purchase, and to establish the brand as a knowledgeable sommelier with wine suggestions that users can trust.

Our focus was to design and develop a beautiful marketing website with e-commerce capabilities that would create an engaging experience for users to browse and shop for their wine purchase.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development


Results —

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Fig. 1. Clink Clink Home Banner

Using Visuals & Design to Enhance Intuitive User Journey

Through the use of large, beautiful banner images and witty copy in the form a carousel (Fig. 1), we were able to clearly suggest, prompt and guide users on their journey around the website and what it has to offer.

By presenting users with clear and concise choices, we help make their user journey more informed and decisive. This increases user engagement and removes frustration, which in turn, helps to build the brand credibility and brand value over time.

Imparting of Wine Knowledge from the Experts

Based on the requirements of the client, our team implemented an article section on the website to help Clink Clink with their editorial expansions.

Interviews with top sommeliers and their wine recommendations are laid out and categorised neatly (Fig. 2) to help users with informed decisions regarding their wine selection and purchase. By clicking on “Read More”, users would also learn more details regarding the particular wine without having to leave the page that they’re browsing.

Fig. 2. Recommendation from Sommelier Raj

Fig. 3. Clink Clink Online Wine Store

An Online Experience that Aims to Provide Value to Users

To create a smooth online purchase experience for our target audience, our team has also implemented filter and sorting functionalities (Fig. 3) within the Clink Clink e-commerce section. This helps to remove friction and guide users in the correct direction regarding their wine purchase’s budget and specifications.

From the information of the products, to the adding of products to cart, our team have also built the system seamlessly within a single page, to encourage as much users interaction with the store as possible. Research has shown that by making the shopping experience pleasant, users are more inclined to spend more in a store.

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