Blue Sky Escapes —

Tailoring Bespoke & Unconventional Travel Experiences for the Adventurer

Blue Sky Escapes empowers curious, independently-minded travellers to venture into and uncover some of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Their curation of one-of-a-kind journeys are authentic, extraordinary and transcendent, and offer expertise and experience in navigating and trekking spectacular regions in the quieter and remote corners of the world.

Objective —

Flag&Mountains were tasked in 2 areas, a re-brand of Blue Sky Escapes, as well as to develop both physical and digital collaterals for the company.

Due to the nature of the business, as well as the uniqueness of the destinations offered, we needed to focus on developing a unique brand and presence across all mediums.

Aside from being aesthetically driven, numbers were important. The digital arm of this project has to have the perfect balance between uniqueness, aesthetics, technology and results.

Project Type —

Corporate Identity

Collateral Design

Website Design

Website Development

Results —

200% ↑

increase in sales growth

300% ↑

increase in enquiries, leads and opportunity growth


increase in awareness & presence

*Results provided by client based on business operations comparison

“Very happy with the overall service and assistance! The team is talented, problem-solving, responsive and was accommodating to our needs. They’re flexible as well in dealing with last minute requests/changes/ad hoc requests and do the best they can – really appreciate this quality. Appreciate it guys!”

—Krystal Tan, Founder & Director, Blue Sky Escapes

Fig. 1.1 Brand Collateral Design

Rebrand Exercise to Elevate Brand Values

Through our market research and creative exploration, we were able to clearly define the best direction when it came to the rebrand. Alignment with our clients is always a critical step, and we took extra care to ensure that enough options were proposed. After which, we were able to refine the concepts and delivered the rebranded Blue Sky Escapes.

Fig. 1.2 Rebrand comparison

Fig. 1.3 Research & Exploration

Fig. 1.4 Brand Guideline

Brand Consistency & Presence at Every Touch Point

Having a unique logo, colour palette and typography set isn’t enough to fully deliver a memorable brand. At Flag&Mountains, we take great care into ensuring key touch points in our client’s user journeys are consistent.

Fig. 2.1 Itinerary Handout Design

Fig. 2.2 Master Template designed in Powerpoint

Fig. 2.3 Luggage Tags

Fig. 3.1 Video on Web Landing

Off the Grid

For the design and development of Blue Sky Escape’s revamped website, we wanted to push the boundaries of what a content-heavy website could look like.

With unique customisations to apply a more ‘editorial’ and lifestyle aesthetics, we were able to offer an engagingly beautiful, and informative experience for our client’s customers.

flag&mountains is a creative digital agency, at the intersection of design, technology & business. Since 2012, we’ve had the honour to work with hundreds of companies and businesses.

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