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Capture Marketshare through Various Channels, Strategies and Languages

Teals Prairie & Co is a family business with global reach. The name Teals Prairie comes from the origin of the business, a strong crafting community with roots dating back to 1850 in Burleson County, Texas. This strong sense of quality, craftsmanship and creativity has been adopted into the modern business that has since expanded to Europe and Asia.

Objective —

Teals Prairie & Co. is a large business with thousands of inventory in their warehouses and factories around the world. Our team was tasked with the job to port everything that TP&Co. offers physically into a digital platform that functions as a marketing website, a reseller portal, and an e-commerce website.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development


Results —


Still crunching big data

Fig. 1. Thousands of Products Well-Categorized

Online Store with an Inventory of Thousands

One of the initial challenge for the project was the categorisation of large inventory for our client. This process involves thoughtful planning in order to allow products to gather the right views when keywords relating to the products are searched for.

Our team have also incorporated the use of various tools to help enhance customers’ online shopping experience. This includes searching the products by categories, searching the products by filters, and sorting the products by various topics.

Fig. 1.1. Filter Option to find Products with Ease

Fig. 1.2. Sort Option Integration

Engaging Visuals to Drive Conversion

The most important aspect of an e-commerce website is to drive conversion of normal website viewers into actual paying customers. Our team used large and informative visuals in the form of a banner carousel to educate and engage potential customers. These visual banners also serves as advertisements for what our client has to offer.

When viewers clicked into a product that they’re interested in, we presented large product images for them to understand more about the products and mimics the experience of shopping in an actual retail brick and mortar.

Fig. 2. Carousel of Visuals to Engage Visitors

Fig. 2.1. Visual Banners to Serve as Advertisement

Fig. 2.2. Large Individual Product Images

“This strong sense of quality, craftsmanship and creativity has been adopted into the modern business that has since expanded to Europe and Asia.”

—Valvert Thompson, General Manager, Teals Prairie & Co.

Fig. 3. Carousel to Onboard Resellers

Ultilization of Various Platforms for Resellers Program

One strategy that our client utilised to widen their target audience was to introduce a reseller program that positioned themselves as the supplier for drop-shipping.

We create a separate sub-domain with a new engagement direction that is steered towards a different set of audience. This allows our client to segment their visitors into different groups of audience with specific messaging approach to encourage better conversion rates.

Fig. 3.1. Step-by-step Instructions on Reselling

Fig. 3.2. Showcase of Affiliated Platforms

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