Lendlease Plus —

Creating a Seamless Retail Experience

Lendlease Plus is a loyalty and rewards initiative with multiple systems working as one—Mobile App, Loyalty Engine, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Tenant Portals, Websites and CMS (Content Management System).

Flag&Mountains was tasked to deliver the Mobile App, on both iOS and Android platforms, an integrated Content Management System and the Tenant Portal System.

Objective —

The key objective of this project was focused at the consolidation of multiple loyalty programs from various malls, into one a group loyalty program. The secondary objective of the project was the improvement of user journey and digital touch points.

This includes the enhancement of mobile app users’ experience with intuitive and modern designs, the improvement of Tenant Management workflows and processes,  loyalty program engagement and customer experience.

Project Type —

Mobile App Design

Mobile App Development

UX/UI Design

Systems Integrator

Application Design

Results —

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Intuitive User Experience through Thoughtful Planning

Our meticulous planning focused on solving  pain-points identified in the user journey. We created interactions for screen linkage to anticipate for “what ifs” scenarios when users perform a behaviour that is out of the ordinary. This allows us to drastically reduce uncertainties and enhance the user’s experience.

Through tools such as Invision, we are able to offer a ‘close-to-market’ experience for internal testing, as well as our client’s and their stakeholders visualisation and experience. A core step in our digital process, this offers an efficient workflow process with low upfront commitment.

With a strong Project Management Workflow, Rapid Prototyping & Reiteration, coupled with our knowledge in the best practices for Mobile App Design & Development, we are able to deliver a product that is highly functional, user-friendly, beautiful and most importantly, offering a delightful experience.

Fig. 2. Explore Tenant Promotions

Fig. 2.2. Touch ID / Face ID Registration & Login Flow

At the Intersection Between Aesthetics & Functionality

We are able to successfully translate the client’s brand identity onto a digital platform by keeping the key brand assets, such as colours, typefaces, and visual styles, consistent.

Increased Customer Engagement & Marketing Outreach

With the mobile app, we are able to develop a new marketing channel and identify super users. These collection of data and information could then be used appropriately to target the right users with the right content accurately.

This, in turn, allows the customers to be more engaged by having new ways to stay up-to-date with the malls’ events & promotions, and also notifications to remind them to earn and spend their loyalty points.

Fig. 3. Explore Curated Content, Promotions or Events

Fig. 3.1. Pull to Refresh Mechanics

Fig. 4. Wallet to house Reward Points, E-Vouchers and Parking Credits

Fig. 4.1. User Wallet UX Flow

Improved Customer Experience with a Digital Wallet & Online Transactions

We introduced the digital currency wallet for the mobile app to seamlessly house loyalty points, e-vouchers and carpark credits. Users can swipe their fingers across the wallet to access different section of the digital currency.

Usage and redemption of points, e-vouchers and credits are also readily available at the touch of a button. This reduces the traditional method of relying heavily on concierge counter to process receipts into points and redeeming physical vouchers. Less wastage, more instant gratification.

“More than just another Loyalty Application, the Lendlease Plus Ecosystem is closely integrated with a robust Tenant Portal”

Complex Systems Made Simple

Traditionally, Retail Tenant management was a manual and tedious process. From sending out bulletins to requesting for content, the workflows were in-efficient.

We solved this by designing a customised solution which enabled a single integrated platform to be used by all parties. All forms of communication, content, bulletins, store management and more were brought to this platform.

Fig. 6. Tenant and Malls are able to Communicate through Messages

Increase in Tenant Satisfaction

We developed a self-serve portal for tenants of the malls to manage requests, create promotions/advertisements/events, access to resources/contacts and communication with management all in one platform.

Increase in Efficiency & Productivity of Mall/Tenant Management

Through automated processes, integrated between the CMS and Tenant Portal, malls and tenants alike are more efficient and productive by doing away with traditional manual tasks. An in-built communication platform was also developed to consolidate all communications between tenants and malls within the system, reducing the need for emails.

This means less time worrying about stuff they should not worry about, and more time to care about the stuff that really matters.

Fig. 7. Tenant Portal Dashboard

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