Fjord Grotesque

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Fjord Grotesque opentype font (.otf) is for sale @ USD$20

Fjord Grotesque type specimen book (hand numbered, limited edition of 10) is for sale @ USD$50

Fjord Grotesque hand-screened A2 type poster (hand numbered, limited edition of 30) is for sale @ USD$80

Bundle package for Fjord Grotesque opentype font (.otf), type specimen book and type poster @ USD$120

Fjord Grotesque is a contemporary interpretation of the sans serif geometrical typefaces popular towards the end of the last century. The font name, Fjord, was derived from the wavy visual forms on the crossbars of the alternate glyphs, symbolising that of running waters between steep cliffs. While the project was inspired by the personal obsession with fonts that are functional as both display and body text, the elegant complementary kerning details between its individual characters allows Fjord Grotesque to stand out amongst its other type siblings. Other unique attributes of Fjord Grotesque includes, its pointed apex and vertex, low crossbars, mono-linear form, and its uppercase alternate glyphs that functions modestly as a display type.

Fjord Grotesque is part of Glyphwerk Volume 1 exhibition from 15 February–15 March 2013 at The Reading Room Gallery.

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